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Data logger for mineral investigation installed at Beretta factory (Italy, 2020)

The DAT instruments JET SDP / IB data logger for mineral investigation has been installed at Beretta factory. This is not the first time that a final customer is asking for a drilling rig with an already installed DAT instruments data logger. As previously happend, DAT instruments staff has coordinated with the Beretta one. In […]

DAT instruments, horizontal drilling, JET 4000 AME J, DAT TinyLog, Hong Kong

Horizontal drilling with DAT TinyLog (Hong Kong, 2021)

Is it possible to perform horizontal drilling jobs with the DAT TinyLog datalogger? Absolutely yes, being one of the most versatile data loggers produced by DAT instruments. The resistance and durability of DAT instruments dataloggers is now known throughout the world. Also the continuous search for products that follow the needs of the market means […]

DAT instruments, datalogger installation at Beretta warehouse, JET SDP IB, datalogger for jet grouting

Datalogger installation at Beretta factory (Italy, 2020)

Which might be the advantages of a datalogger installation at Beretta factory? It often happens to cooperate with some Italian drilling rig manufacturers to satisfy any need of the final customer. A foreign Customer ordered a Beretta T44 drill for jet grouting with a DAT instruments JET SDP / IB datalogger. The request included the […]

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DAT TinyLog and soil mixing works to widen a road (Turkey, 2020)

DAT instruments installed a DAT TinyLog data logger on a Soilmec SR 70 drilling rig, to support soil mixing works to widen a road. This road is in Turkey, close to Marmara Sea. Soil mixing job site to widen a road In this area, close to Istanbul city, the Northern Marmara Motorway is under construction. […]


Certificated soil mixing operations with DAT instruments (Spain, 2019)

How can you manage when Building Site Supervisor asks for documentation about your works? It is easy: all equipment with DAT instruments data loggers can provide documentation about certificated soil mixing operations that prove the correct execution of works. This is exactly what happened in Spain. The Building Site Supervisor asked that all works carried […]

DAT instruments JET SDP IB installed in factory

Datalogger installed at the drilling rigs manufacturer (Italy, 2019)

Thanks to DAT instruments, it is possible to obtain a datalogger installed at the drilling rigs manufacturer building. The Customer has decided to buy a drilling rig directly by Comacchio, and he needed a DAT instruments JET SDP / IB data logger. DAT instruments and Comacchio have worked together in order to satisfy Customer’s need. […]

Data logger for Moscow underground (Russia, 2018)

Russian government has considered huge investments that are going to extend the Moscow underground line. A DAT instruments data logger is working in order to carry out a new underground station. Concerning installation, this Customer has demanded the DAT OnLine service. With this option, Russian technicians have been able to install the data logger and […]

DAT instruments, Colombia, datalogger, grouting, JET DSP 100 IRT, grouting equipment, mixing equipment and compact cement injection

Compact cement mixing and injection plant with DAT instruments. (Colombia, 2018)

JET DSP 100 / IR data logger has been installed on a compact cement mixing and injection plant. The Customer, who talked directly with DAT instruments headquarters, had specifically demanded a data logger able to record grout pressure, flow and volume parameters, which was to install on a compact cement mixing and injection plant. The […]

DAT instruments, datalogger, JET SDP IB, mineral investigation, field

DAT instruments and data loggers for geotechnical investigations (Italy, 2018)

Geotechnical investigations are fundamental to set the necessary operations to carry out the pre-established soil work. Geotechnical investigations have the aim of discover the ground characteristics and, to do this, real ground test are set up. These tests are called core drills and pipes used to carry out core drills are called core barrels. Force […]