JET DSP 100 / D, datalogger for Diaphragm walls

JET DSP 100 / H, datalogger for Hydromills

Datalogger for: Diaphragm walls, Hydromills

DAT instruments, JET DSP 100 / D, datalogger for Diaphragm walls
JET DSP 100 / D datalogger can display, on a wide monitor, and record, on an internal memory, the following parameters:

  • Depth (m, with 1 cm resolution)
  • Inclination on both X and Y axis to the vertical (with 0,1° resolution)
  • Grab rotation, Z axis (with 1° resolution)
  • X and Y axis deviation to the vertical (with 1cm resolution)

Data are acquired via sensors installed on digging equipment. Inclination sensor can be connected to the datalogger via radio or via a cable (on hydromills).
JET DSP 100 / D can record digging data in function of depth. During the strokes necessary to create the diaphragm, each stroke data are recorded.
DAT instruments, JET DSP 100 / D, diaphragm walls parameters screenLatest stroke data are also recorded to analyze the dig on the PC once in office. Datalogger internal memory is very wide and it let record data for a huge number of digs. Data can be downloaded to a Windows PC via USB port. Via Easy DAT software, it is possible to file data, export them to Excel, display graphics, charts, print them, etc…
DAT instruments, JET S 104, software for cement injections, TAM grouting, GIN, Lugeon testsEasy DAT software, supplied with JET DSP 100 / D (and / H) datalogger, is a top quality product. This software is useful to organize and to elaborate data, to draw and to print graphics and tables. It is also available a function to export data to Microsoft Excel.

Otherwise you can use EDAT service: files are sent from jobsite via e-mail to DAT instruments online support team.
Parameters are numerically and graphically laid out in customized PDF files and sent back via e-mail to jobsite.

DAT instruments, EDAT, data elaboration service



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