Advanced sales consultations

Selecting the proper equipment or software is paramount for a successful project and the highly qualified staff of DAT instruments is available to listen to your needs, answer your questions and help you select products and accessories which will make your next project a success.

Custom-made products

In addition to DAT instrumentโ€™s extensive standard product line, it is also possible to customize our products in accordance with specific customer needs. This option is also available on previously purchased DAT instruments products. In addition regular updates to previously purchased products will be made available to our customers as they become available.

Speedy delivery

DAT instruments understands that time is of the essence when customers are dealing with project deadlines. We guarantee quick delivery of our products and spare parts from our well-stocked warehouse.

DAT WorkShop – Prompt after sale services

DAT instruments gives the opportunity of having a specialized technician at disposal who explains how to use the data logger, where and how to install sensors, how to use the Easy DAT software. Attending the training is an additional value also for safety and certifications to show to Customers and Supervisors your professionalism and accuracy. At the end of the training, the Customer has learnt all the potentialities of the data logger he bought and can explain them to his co-operators in field or in office. Once DAT WorkShop at DAT instruments headquarter is finished, the Customer has a certificate of attendance.

DAT OnLine – Remote support and customization service

Using latest technology programs, we assist our customers to install and to configure not only their datalogger and software but also their jobsite parameters via internet. Our customers are able to choose simply what types of graphs they want to visualize, data to be reported, types of configuration and technical parameters: we will do the set-up for them. Available also our Skype videoconference service.

Spare parts readily available

DAT instruments maintains a warehouse well-stocked with spare parts. Part that are available in our warehouse can usually be shipped out that same day for a fast delivery to your site by courier service.

DAT OnSite – Training Courses

Training courses are available from DAT instruments for any of our products. These courses, provided by knowledgeable staff, are available either at our or your offices. On the job training at the work site is another possibility.

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