DAT instruments, Colombia, datalogger, grouting, JET DSP 100 IRT, grouting equipment, mixing equipment and compact cement injection

Compact cement mixing and injection plant with DAT instruments. (Colombia, 2018)

DAT instruments, JET DSP 100 / I / IR / IRT, datalogger for Grouting, Lugeon tests

JET DSP 100 / IR data logger has been installed on a compact cement mixing and injection plant.

The Customer, who talked directly with DAT instruments headquarters, had specifically demanded a data logger able to record grout pressure, flow and volume parameters, which was to install on a compact cement mixing and injection plant.

The geographical position is not important, DAT instruments is always able to understand and follow Customer needs in the best way. In DAT instruments offer, the Customer can find all instrument specifications and details in order to accomplish his requirements.

DAT instruments, Colombia, JET DSP 100 IR, grouting, compact cement mixing and injection plant

DAT instruments is easy to reach thanks to DAT ONLINE service, really appreciated by Customers: it is possible to have a technical support to install and use the instruments without needing a DAT instruments technician in the building site.

Specifically, the Customer demanded, bought and installed a JET DSP 100 / IR in Colombia, directly in his workshop using DAT ONLINE service.

The data logger has been installed on a compact cement mixing and injection plant. On a unique skid there were a cement mixing equipment, an agitator and an injection pump.

JET DSP 100 / IR, a compact data logger manufactured by DAT instruments, was suitable to be installed on this mixing and injecting group. One installation, one portable and versatile product, which can be used where needed.

The JET DSP 100 / IR is not only a compact product but even easy to use. Using only 3 keys, it is possible to start, pause and end the recording of cement flow, pressure and volume.

Easy to use, versatile and compact, only some of this high quality Italian data logger characteristics. Don’t be fooled by its dimensions: JET DSP 100 / IR is made of high quality components!

Product specifications:

The data logger is a JET DSP 100 / IR for injections, with JET DSP download software, easy and cheap to download data.

  • JET PRESS, pressure sensor with hydraulic separator JET P SEP 3/4” / G
  • JET FLOWM 3/4″ / E electromagnetic flow and volume sensor of 3/4”

Further information: https://www.datinstruments.com/en/jet-dsp-100-ir-datalogger-for-lugeon-tests/

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