The new DAT WideLog

From the R&D Department in DAT instruments, here comes a new 18,5โ€ touch screen datalogger. Versatile, resistant, expandable, perfect for every technology, easy to use and definitely fantastic.

A real turning point for DAT instruments Research and Development Department; the new datalogger designed and realised by the Italian company was created according to the needs/demand of the Clients. The DAT WideLog project arose from the specific request of a horizontal drilling construction site were there was the necessity to record different parameters and to display them simultaneously on the screen. Here comes the creation of a Wide monitor and a lot of improvements.

A record-breaking datalogger
DAT instruments, DAT WideLog, datalogger per perforazioni orizzontali
The name DAT WideLog immediately identifies the main characteristic of the new product: a 18,5โ€ (41×23 cm) touch screen monitor, which shows a remarkable quantity of graphs, numerical values, needle indicators and everything is necessary to the operator to execute with high precision in a clear and detailed way all drilling and grouting phase.
As already mentioned, is totally a colour, touch screen datalogger; characteristics that definitively simplify the use. The touch screen, as every other DAT instruments product, is deployed for the construction site, it is very resistant and can be also used wearing gloves. At the same time, the big full HD monitor allows to visualise a lot of different data simultaneously, with graphs giving an immediate perception of the maximum, medium and lowest value; moreover, it also shows the prefixed value to which all other parameters have to tend.
The large internal memory records several data and is a totally solid state component; This fact improves the robustness and resistance to external shocks.
DAT instruments, DAT WideLog, datalogger per HDD, datalogger USBData can be transmitted via USB pen drive or Internet: in fact, the DAT WideLog is equipped with a Ethernet access and Wi-Fi antenna for Internet connection. Moreover, it is also possible to install a 3G-4G modem. During the operating phase data are transferred to every single hole, and they are available in the office in real time. They can be visualised on every kind of device: PC, smart phones or tablets; all files are compatible with Microsoft Excel e OpenOffice Calc.DAT instruments, DAT WideLog, datalogger per HDD, datalogger Wi-Fi

Great and resistant
We have to add a real titbit to all these important features: the DAT WideLog is esthetically very well-finished/ has a well-finished layout; in fact, it has a very modern and elegant design that holds the most innovative highly evolved technology. The body, made of stainless steel (front side) and of aluminium (back side), guarantees the most elevated mechanical resistance also against the worst weather conditions. Moreover, taking benefits from the international experience of DAT instruments, which sells products all around/over the world, the new datalogger is also deployed to work with brackish weather, extremely high or low temperatures, sand, water and in the most different climate and working conditions. The materials used for the construction are inoxidizable/non-oxidizable/stainless and it also waterproof thanks to appropriate seals and IP68 connectors.DAT instruments, DAT WideLog, datalogger per jet grouting, connessioni USB

Totally versatile
The new DAT WideLog works at ease in each construction site. In fact, it is possible to use it in all applications where normally there was the need to use more than one datalogger: jet grouting, cement injections, grouting, drilling, DAC tests, CFA, deep mixing, soil mixing, vibroflotation, diaphragm walls, hydromills, Lugeon e Lefranc tests. Thanks to the high technology applied, it is enough to install the right set of sensors for the application required and thatโ€™s it!
Moreover, DAT WideLog does not have a limited number of input channels; they can be extended using the right printed circuit interface boards, manufactured by DAT instruments, too. These boards permit to use the datalogger to record further parameters, beyond the standard ones. As an example, it is possible to record the engine RPM, the temperature of water and oil, or any other parameter required by the Client.
The system can be also remotely programmed and can be supported through teleassistance/ e-care by DAT instruments Technicians for set ups, maintenance or creation of new personalised functions.
DAT instruments, DAT WideLog, datalogger per perforazioni, touch screen

The market
As it is easy to understand, the new DAT WideLog is a totally high-quality instrument with endless features. As top-of-the-range among DAT instruments products, DAT WideLog allows to execute different operations with the same datalogger. This is the reason why it is perfect for all Clients who need to realise extremely precise projects and require data to be available everywhere and at any time. The commands and the touch screen menu are very intuitive and help to accelerate the work of the operator on the machine; in the meantime, data available in real time in the office make it easier for the employees to work and show the reports to the Site Manager in a very short time. For those who have minor needs, DAT instruments offer the cheaper JET DSP/100 and JET SDP, or the JET 4000 AME which has a midrange price.

The advertising Campaign
Following the launch of the new product, DAT instruments is planning several events at the headquarters of the company in Cairate (Va). They are organising specific free training courses, headed by DAT instruments Technicians who will show to the attendees the different functions, the robustness and how the new datalogger is easy to use. At the end of the training course, every participant will receive a certificate of participation. The scheduling of training courses will be published on social networks and sent through a newsletter campaign to those who will submit to the website: instruments, DAT WideLog, datalogger per HDD, datalogger touch screen

The comment
According to Mr. Amedeo Valoroso, founder and owner of DAT instruments, โ€œThe creation of the DAT WideLog is a turning point for the company. Such a complete and functional system immediately got a great interest among companies involved in special foundation activities who pay high attention to the good execution of their projectsโ€. On our side, the dataloggers we have always produced, are well known for their robustness and for the never-ending availability of spare parts; and today, with the new DAT WideLog, we want to further improve our peculiarities, adding an important esthetical aspect. This new system itself is very nice to see, moreover, the visualisations on the screen have an extremely high impact: direct, coloured and pleasing. The touch screen buttons have big dimensions to make it easier and more enjoyable to use.

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