DAT TinyLog and soil mixing works to widen a road (Turkey, 2020)

DAT instruments installed a DAT TinyLog data logger on a Soilmec SR 70 drilling rig, to support soil mixing works to widen a road. This road is in Turkey, close to Marmara Sea.

DAT instruments, DAT TinyLog, road construction, data recorder, Karasu port, data logger

Soil mixing job site to widen a road

In this area, close to Istanbul city, the Northern Marmara Motorway is under construction. The path is longer than 400 km and, in addition to become a third way to cross the Bosphorus, it is going to reach the Northern part of the Turkish metropolis. Soil mixing works to widen this road will let streamline the traffic from Istanbul-Kocaeli to Sakarya.

DAT instruments, DAT TinyLog, road construction, datalogger, data recorder, Karasu port, building site

The project

The project is imposing and provides, in fact, the realization of several works. Some examples are 8 tunnels, 143 bridges and 73 overpasses.

The total of executed piles will be about 715,000 m, with the use of 8.5 million cubic meters of concrete, reinforced with 994,000 tons of iron.

This whole work is projected keeping an eye on the environmental issue. In facts, in the same time, many trees and bushes will be planted along the road decreasing the pollution produced by the daily traffic.

DAT instruments, DAT TinyLog, road construction, datalogger, data recorder, Karasu port, DRILLING RIG, soil mixing to widen a road

The DAT TinyLog, together with the SR Soilmec drilling rig, has carried out this job. The data logger has monitored the execution of this soil mixing works to complete this road. The DAT TinyLog has been of a fundamental importance to obtain reports to show to the Supervisor of Works. A certification explicitly demanded by the Customer to control the exact correspondence of executed piles with the executive project.

Product specification:

  • DAT TinyLog data logger
  • JET DEPTH, depth sensor
  • Rotation torque sensor JET TORQUE
  • JET ROT, rotation speed sensor
  • Cement pressure sensor JET PRESS
  • JET FLOW W24, wireless sensor for piston pump flow
  • Data transfer system DAT REMOTE via Internet

Further info: https://www.datinstruments.com/en/the-new-dat-tinylog-of-dat-instruments/

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