DAT instruments, GeoFluid 2021, visitors

DAT instruments at GEOfluid 2021

After waiting for months and after exhausting news of postponements or cancellations, the date of exhibition reopening arrived! DAT instruments, at GEOfluid 2021, had the opportunity to welcome Customers to its booth. It was a thrill for everyone to see a small return to common life. After the first outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, many […]

DAT instruments, GEOfluid 2021

GEOfluid 2021 exhibition, Piacenza from 15 to 18 September

In this post DAT instruments is pleased to invite all Customers to GEOfluid 2021 exhibition, Piacenza (Italy), booth C 167, pavilion 1, from 15 to 18 September. Above all opening time: From 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Free entrance reserved to drilling, foundation works and geotechnical industry operators. Registration […]

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The first 20 years of DAT instruments

2021 has been an important milestone: we were celebrating the first 20 years of DAT instruments! Let’s look back together at some of the most important milestones of these years. 2021: 20 years of DAT instruments and the birth of DATman superhero  To celebrate 20 years of activity all over the world, DAT instruments has […]

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DATman: what if the operator could be helped by a SuperHero?

Who is DATman? A drilling rig operator life is never easy and people working in this sector can confirm it. What if a superhero could be ready to help him? Hard days Days, weeks, sometimes months living far from his family and home. Days working in muddy places from the beginning till the end. Easy […]


Certificated soil mixing operations with DAT instruments

Article published on ‘GeoDrilling International’, June 2020 How does a contractor deal with a request for soil mixing works documentation by a building site supervisor is the question being put forward by DAT instruments? Fortunately, all equipment used with DAT instruments data loggers can provide documentation about certificated soil mixing works that prove the correct […]

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The evolution of data logger installation during coronavirus

It is now clear for everyone that coronavirus Covid-19 emergency is not only in some Countries but also all over the world. This epidemic, born in China, has rapidly, more rapidly that thought by any expert virologist, spread in any corner of the world. Now the keyword is containment. Yes, because it is very important […]

Amedeo Valoroso, presentazione Easy DAT

Turning point for the Easy DAT software

Article published on ‘Macchine Edili News’ and ‘GeoDrilling International’, November 2019 Easy DAT is DAT instruments software that manages all data loggers produced by the Italian company. Today Customers can choose to use Easy DAT with a subscription. This is an easy and cheap solution. The right software for each job DAT instruments produces instruments […]

South Korea DAT-instruments-datalogger-gamma-prodotti-DAT-TinyLog-DAT-WideLog-jetgrouting-perforazioni-CFA-soil-mixing-scavo-di-diaframmi

DAT WideLog in action in South Korea

Article published on ‘Macchine Edili News’ August 2019. The DAT WideLog, top quality datalogger of DAT instruments, has been installed on a drilling machine working in a limestone quarry in South Korea. The producer of the drilling equipment demanded directly the Italian instrument in order to give benefit to his machine. A project “to measure” […]

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No more emergency with DAT instruments dataloggers!

How many times does it happen that you need to give proof of your work to the Construction Supervisor without having a correct documentation? In that moment, you feel like being in the E.R. or in the operation office of fire-fighters, emergency! How could it be if a DAT instruments data logger could record all […]

DAT TinyLog, datalogger, DAT instruments, jetgrouting, drilling, CFA, diaphragm walls

The new DAT TinyLog of DAT instruments

Article published on: ‘Macchine Edili News’, 16 May 2019 Introduced at the Bauma Exhibition, the new datalogger of DAT instruments is now in production. DAT TinyLog, this is the name chosen by the operators via a survey on social media platforms and during the German exhibition too. It is high technology in 35 cm wide, […]