DAT instruments for Crystal Towers

DAT instruments dataloggers played a strategic role for the soil investigation undertaken during the foundation activities in the Crystal Towers construction site in Dbayeh, Lebanon. Crystal Towers are a Lebanese architectural masterpiece, with a 30 floors residential tower with large apartments between 170 and 255 square meters, and a 20 floors commercial building, with large […]

по канала Рохор

Во время проведения работ по расширению канала Рохор в Сингапуре, за ходом струйной цементации следили регистраторы данных (data logger) производства итальянской компании “DAT instruments”. Бурильные машины были оснащены регистраторами данных JET 4000 AME/J для обеспечения соблюдения параметров струйной цементации, в соответствии с полученными техническими заданиями. При подъеме и опускании с помощью сенсоров, встроенных в регистраторы […]

Along Zambesi River

Italian company “DAT instruments” dataloggers and software played a main role in the geothechnical investigation (as Lugeon test to get information on soil permeability) on the Zambesi banks, between Zambia and Zimbabwe, near Kariba Dam. Kariba Dam is an hydroelectric dam built on the Zambesi river, between Zambia and Zimbabwe. Designed and built by Italian […]

DAT instruments, BAUMA AFRICA 2013

The increasing demand for DAT instruments loggers drove us right into Johannesburg, South Africa. An astonishing response from local companies, mostly interested in seeing our rugged and user-friendly instrumentation. With three of the best selling DAT units in our stand, we provided  simulations, case studies and explanations on the how to use a datalogger for soil investigation, CFA and Jet […]

La perforación previa en obras de túneles

DAT instruments, empresa especializada en la fabricación de equipos para geotecnia y cimentaciones especiales, ha lanzado un producto diseñado específicamente para trabajar en la galería. Instrumentos electrónicos y sensores con alta resistencia destinados a la perforación previa, para definir las características del suelo que tienen que estar excavados por la tuneladora. El trabajo en subterráneo, […]

The pre-drilling in tunnelling works

DAT instruments – specialized in the production of data logging instrumentation designed for geotechnical and special foundations activities – has designed and launched a product aimed to work in tunnelling projects. DAT instruments combines accurate electronic equipment with long performance sensors to face pre-drilling activities, with the purpose of investigating the ground to be dug […]

DAT instruments, BAUMA 2013

We launched a strong signal of worldwide recognition at the Bauma 2013. We enjoyed meeting with hundreds of friends, customers and resellers from more than 70 countries. It has been a wonderful experience dealing and providing our solutions for main international projects challenges! We were very pleased to show our new product JET SDP / […]