JET DSP 100 / IR datalogger

Datalogger for: Grouting, GIN, Lugeon tests

DAT instruments, JET DSP 100 / I / IR / IRT, datalogger for Grouting, Lugeon tests
JET DSP 100 / IR (or/ IRT) datalogger is used to display, directly on a big back-lighted monitor, and to record, on internal memory, the parameters of a fluid during pumping: Instantaneous pressure ( bar ) Instantaneous flow rate ( liters/min ) Pumped fluid volume ( liters ) Data are measured using sensors installed on the pumping pipe.
DAT instruments, JET DSP 100 / IR, schermata parametri iniezione JET DSP 100 / IR (or/ IRT) datalogger is able to record data in terms of time.
It is possible to connect a thermal printer to JET DSP 100 / IR (or / IRT) datalogger.
It is also available JET DSP 100 / I model, without memory and clock, useful to display parameters without recording.
Data recorded by JET DSP 100 / IR datalogger are stored on a large internal memory.
Recorded data can be subsequently transferred to a PC. Two software are available:

  • JET DSP download, supplied with JET DSP 100 / IR and JET DSP 100 / IRT dataloggers
  • JET S 104, supplied only with JET DSP 100 / IRT datalogger

DAT instruments, JET DSP 100 downolad, data management software and configuration for JET DSP 100JET DSP download is a software very simple to use, very cheap, which allows to export text files containing recorded parameters. These files can be processed by Excel or can be opened with a generic text editor. JET DSP download is also used to configure, quickly and simply, all the data acquisition parameters of the datalogger.
DAT instruments, JET S 104, software for cement injections, TAM grouting, GIN, Lugeon testsJET S 104 software, supplied only with JET DSP 100 / IRT datalogger, is a top quality product. This software is useful to organize and to elaborate data, to draw and to print graphics and tables. It is also available a function to export data to Microsoft Excel.

Otherwise you can use EDAT service: files are sent from jobsite via e-mail to DAT instruments online support team.
Parameters are numerically and graphically laid out in customized PDF files and sent back via e-mail to jobsite.

DAT instruments, EDAT, data elaboration service



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