Automatisms for lifting equipment

DAT instruments, automatism

DAT instruments produces overall electronic control panels to drive aerial platforms and lifting equipments. Different kind of move control panels are available according to the application on which they will be used. Overall move control panels have all the functions of movement for equipments, such as:

  • solenoid valves driving (the proportional ones too)
  • systems of parallelism of the platform
  • systems of automatic stabilization

You can also have safety functions such as:

  • moment limiting device
  • area limiting device
  • load limiting device

DAT instruments move control panels can be totally set up via a PC. In addition to this, there are many application programs to make the operations of setting and of system check easier.

DAT instruments, dataloggers for Jet grouting - Grouting - Cement injection - TAM grouting - Drilling - MWD - CFA - Deep mixing - Soil mixing - Vibroflotation - Diaphragm walls - Lugeon test - Mineral investigation

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