JET FLOW, Flow and Pressure sensor

Pressure and Flow electromagnetic sensor JET FLOW is a low cost high performance solution for Grouting Injections and Lugeon Testing.sensore di pressione e portata elettromagnetico JET FLOW

Pressure and Flow measurement

JET FLOW is a data acquisition system, used to display in real time and record, directly on a Windows PC, all the parameters and graphics of:
Instantaneous pressure (bar, with JET PRESS sensor)
Instantaneous flow rate (liters/min)
Pumped fluid volume (liters)

Pressure, flow and volume recorded data allow real-time elaboration, such as pressure fluctuation graphs, flow and volume graph, pressure and volume graphs, Lugeon Tests graphs, PV (pressure-volume), GIN (Grouting Intensity Number), Penetrability, and more.

Data is displayed in real time and it is recorded on the PC in the project site, where highly accurate and complete digital reports of grouting injections and Lugeon testing can be viewed and compiled. Another major benefit of the sensor-to-computer connection is a more controlled management of cement consumption.

USB or wireless versions available.

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