Minex 2017, Barkom group

DAT instruments at Minex 2017

DAT instruments was at Minex, in Izmir, Turkey, to promote dataloggers for geotechnics and special foundations. Many thanks to our distributor, Barkom, located in Ankara, in particular to Ceren Şatirlar and Ceren Pasin, for their hospitality and professionalism.

DAT instruments, DAT WideLog, datalogger for HDD, touch screen datalogger

DAT: touch data

Article published on the website “www.gowem.it“. It has a colour, full HD, extremely resistant and enormous touch screen area; it is really an innovative datalogger and it is the one that DAT instruments (an Italian company, in spite of the Anglophone business name) just launched on the market. It is called WideLog and the innovations […]

DAT instruments, DAT WideLog, datalogger for drilling, touch screen

The new DAT WideLog

From the R&D Department in DAT instruments, here comes a new 18,5” touch screen datalogger. Versatile, resistant, expandable, perfect for every technology, easy to use and definitely fantastic. A real turning point for DAT instruments Research and Development Department; the new datalogger designed and realised by the Italian company was created according to the needs/demand […]

DAT instruments, JET SDP / IB, datalogger for drilling on TBM, Ankara 2017

DAT instruments for Çamlıdere Project

Article published on the website “www.onsitenews.it“, January 2017. The JET SDP / IB datalogger is used for the preparatory land surveys before the realisation of an aqueduct in Turkey with the purpose of supplying the city of Ankara with drinkable water. DAT instruments dataloggers know no borders. Actually, it is the international request that gains […]

DAT instruments, JET SDP / IB, datalogger for drilling on TBM, Ankara 2017

Water for Ankara

Article published on the website “www.gowem.it”, January 2017. We are talking about a tunnel which is more than 30km long and deployed to supply (with a flow of more than 40 cubic meters per minute) the big reservoir of the Çamlıdere Dam, which will provide potable water to Ankara, the Turkish capital city. This project […]

DAT instruments, JET 4000 AME / J, datalogger with project, Drilling

Electronics that simplifies

Article published on “Perforare”, January 2016. DAT instruments’ best seller, the JET 4000 AME / J datalogger, can be set as a project. Many people may consider electronics as an enemy of construction worksites. On the contrary, electronic technology, if used properly, is a precious partner that simplifies work, even the hard work associated with […]

Piling rigs GPS positioning

DAT instruments is very happy to announce its new partnership with an important Company which produces GPS positioning systems. This new agreement will let DAT instruments satisfy its Customers with other new electronic instruments suitable for positioning your rig and your drilling and injection rod in a very accurate and easy way. This system has […]

DAT instruments, exhibition, Geofluid 2014

New DAT instruments’ products at Geofluid 2014

GeoFluid Exhibition in Piacenza is a trade show focused on geotechnics and special foundation works. From year to year the exhibition has geographically expanded, reaching visitors and customers from all over the world. The 20th edition of GeoFluid, which has been held last October, showed a considerable increase in number of visitors, customers and dealers […]

DAT instruments, Riyadh Metro Project, JET FLOWM

A datalogger for Riyadh

Article published on “ABC Magazine”, September 2014 One more case DAT instruments dataloggers, used in one of the most important projects in the Middle-East, the Riyadh Metro Project. The task consists of the six underground lanes of within the Saudi capital city. The construction of the tunnels and all the stations beneath the stratum level […]