Data logger for continuous flight auger

In the field of geotechnics and special foundations, the use of continuous flight augers, also known as CFA, is an increasingly popular and appreciated solution. These piles allow to stable and efficient foundations, but the key to their success lies in collecting accurate data during the construction process. To do this effectively, industry professionals rely […]

Spare parts available 20 years later? Here they are with DAT instruments

DAT instruments, data logger, after sale service data logger, spare parts always available, unbreakeble data logger, technical support

In the world of the large-scale construction and data collection industry, data loggers play a crucial role in monitoring and recording important information. Among the leading brands in this field, DAT instruments has stood out for the high quality of its data loggers and their reliability for more than 20 years. However, even the most […]

Easy DAT, the data logger software that makes your work easier

Amedeo Valoroso, presentazione Easy DAT

A data logger software that ensures accurate and reliable monitoring is critical in many industries, such as construction, geotechnical work and drilling. In fact, DAT instruments is a leading company that specializes in developing advanced monitoring solutions. In this article, we will focus on Easy DAT software, offered by DAT instruments, and explore its benefits […]

Data logger for grouting monitoring and Lugeon tests

data logger for lugeon test and grouting monitoring

In the grouting and Lugeon testing industry, accurate monitoring of process data is essential to ensure reliable, quality results. DAT instruments data loggers offer an advanced solution to capture and analyze data during these critical operations. DAT instruments data loggers are known for their accuracy and reliability. Thanks to their advanced technology, they can record […]

Improve diaphragm walls with DAT instruments

DAT instruments, JET DSP 100 / D, datalogger for diaphragm walls, grab inclination and rotation sensor, Turkey

Do you want to improve diaphragm walls with DAT instruments? DAT instruments data loggers are key measurement tools in diaphragm walls excavation. They are high-tech devices that allow precise monitoring and recording of changes in verticality and rotation during the construction of a diaphragm wall, enabling timely intervention in case of any problems. Thanks to […]

DAT WideLog: innovative data logger for construction sites

DAT WideLog: innovative data logger for construction sites

The DAT WideLog is an innovative data logger designed specifically to meet the monitoring and data logging needs at geotechnical and special foundation construction sites, as well as large construction projects. With its advanced technology, the DAT WideLog offers a wide range of features and benefits. It is an indispensable device for monitoring construction site […]

Geotechnical and special foundations data loggers

geotechnical and special foundations data loggers

In this article we will find out together why geotechnical and special foundation data loggers are essential tools for the construction industry and for monitoring construction progress. All the benefits of data loggers Geotechnical and special foundations data loggers are tools designed to display the parameters of a drill or pump in real time, allowing […]

All our services to be by your side!

Amedeo Valoroso, WideLog, Made in Italy

DAT instruments is an Italian company specializing in the production of data loggers for geotechnics and special foundations. These devices are capable of recording data in geotechnical and soil consolidation work. The company’s founder and owner, Amedeo Valoroso, however, has always paid special attention to the technical assistance of its Customers, developing innovative and tailored […]

Datalogger Maintenance

Data logger Maintenance is essential. DAT instruments thus provides the customer with a timely and complete service of advice and assistance directly on site. In this way you can accompany the Customer at every stage of his work and promptly assist him for any need or doubt. The headquarters of DAT instruments are always available […]

Data logger for Lugeon Test

data logger for lugeon test and grouting monitoring

Data logger for Lugeon Test : the Lugeon test allows you to assess the permeability or billing of rock formations. In fact this test gets its name from Maurice Lugeon (1933), a Swiss geologist who first formulated the test. Accordingly this test is also known as “water pressure test” or “packer test”. Firstly it can […]