Improve diaphragm walls with DAT instruments

Do you want to improve diaphragm walls with DAT instruments? DAT instruments data loggers are key measurement tools in diaphragm walls excavation. They are high-tech devices that allow precise monitoring and recording of changes in verticality and rotation during the construction of a diaphragm wall, enabling timely intervention in case of any problems.

Thanks to DAT instruments data loggers, operators can constantly monitor the situation of the diaphragm wall, during construction, and in case of detection of anomalies, immediate action can be taken, taking appropriate corrective measures to ensure the quality of the diaphragm.

diaphragm walls with DAT instruments, diaphragm wall data logger

The use of DAT instruments data loggers makes it possible to significantly improve worker safety during diaphragm walls excavation, reducing the risk of any accidents. In addition, it makes it possible to optimize the time and cost of diaphragm walls construction, avoiding possible delays due to ground instability problems or incorrect realizations.

But how is the DAT instruments data logger concretely used during diaphragm walls excavation? First of all, a preliminary assessment of the ground is carried out before work begins in order to identify any areas of risk. Next, a geognostic survey is performed, which allows the geotechnical characteristics of the soil to be precisely defined.

DAT instruments for precise diaphragm walls

During the diaphragm walls phase, data are acquired by sensors installed on the excavation equipment. The connection of the slope sensor to the data logger can be made in two options. By cable for an excavation with a hydromill, or by radio for an excavation with a bucket.

During the many strokes required to make the diaphragm wall, data from each stroke are displayed. Data from the last run are also recorded to analyze the excavation on a PC in the office. The data logger is configurable via PC. This allows sensor calibrations to be made, data acquisition parameters to be set, and graph full-scale values to be indicated.

DAT instruments data logger is placed on the bucket or hydromill so that data can be displayed in real time. Operators constantly check the monitor in order to detect any anomalies and take timely action.

In conclusion, the use of DAT instruments data loggers for precise diaphragm walls is a high-tech solution. It ensures the stability of diaphragm walls during excavation. Thanks to this measurement tool, operators can work in total safety and with maximum efficiency. It is possible to reduce the risk of accidents and possible delays due to ground instability problems. The contractor can certify his work to the Client and the Construction Management.

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