Data logger for continuous flight auger

In the field of geotechnics and special foundations, the use of continuous flight augers, also known as CFA, is an increasingly popular and appreciated solution. These piles allow to stable and efficient foundations, but the key to their success lies in collecting accurate data during the construction process. To do this effectively, industry professionals rely on DAT instruments data loggers.

What is a data logger for continuous flight auger?

A data logger for continuous flight auger is an essential tool for recording and managing data during the drilling and installation of continuous flight auger. These instruments, such as those produced by DAT instruments, enable real-time monitoring of critical parameters. Using appropriate sensors, various parameters can be measured and recorded, both during the descent and ascent of the pile:

  • drill depth (JET DEPTH)
  • translation rod speed (JET DEPTH)
  • boring rod rotation torque (JET TORQ)
  • boring rod rotation speed (JET ROT)
  • X and Y mast inclination (JET INCL XY)
  • concrete pressure (JET PRESS)
  • concrete flow and volume (JET FLOW)
  • pile length
  • date, time (beginning and end of work), duration
  • input for GPS receiver

Data are then transferred to a PC and analyzed using Easy DAT software, which allows detailed reports to be created and even printed.

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DAT instruments data loggers advantage:

This is an Italian company specializing in the production of advanced instruments for geotechnical and special foundation monitoring. DAT instruments data loggers are known for their accuracy and reliability. These instruments provide highly accurate real-time data, ensuring that engineers and geologists can make informed decisions during pile driving.

Despite their sophisticated technology, DAT instruments data loggers are easy to use. The intuitive user interface allows anyone, even without much technical experience, to collect and interpret data efficiently.

One of the distinguishing features of DAT instruments data logger for continuous flight auger is their ability to store and manage data efficiently. These instruments record and store a large amounts of data, facilitating analysis and the creation of detailed reports.

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Easy DAT software for CFA, Continuous Flight Auger, Auger Cast Piling

In conclusion:

The use of continuous flight auger, or CFA, for foundation construction is a common practice in many civil engineering projects. To ensure the efficiency and safety of these operations, accurate and reliable monitoring instruments are essential. DAT instruments data loggers are an excellent choice for those seeking maximum accuracy in the collection and analysis of continuous flight auger data. With their advanced technology and quality technical support, DAT instruments is a reliable partner for geotechnical and special foundation professionals.

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