An ambitious project for DAT instruments.

Published on, Feb. 2018.

In the context of its development politics, Morocco is carrying out the progressive evolution of a port platform that is in the Mediterranean coast of the eastern region, which has been named Nador West Med. A huge contribution to the realisation of diaphragms has been offered thanks to the JET DSP 100 / D datalogger of DAT instruments.

An ambitious project

We are in Nador, in the northeast of Morocco, about 250 miles away from the Strait of Gibraltar. In this city, we can follow the development of a new port, which is most likely to become one of the biggest port of the entire African continent. In this zone, which is already in a strategic position for the traffic of containers and petroleum products, a new port in deep waters is developing and it is related to the containers market and to the processing, packaging and storage of hydrocarbons and their related products but even to the processing of bulk materials, above all carbon. This project, with an industrial integrated platform too, has three main purposes. First to accelerate and strengthen the social and economic development of this eastern region through important infrastructures which are going to improve this region competitiveness and to attract national and international investments. Second to strengthen the maritime role of Morocco in the Western Mediterranean. Last but not least to ensure the supply of energetic products, carbon in particular, for a future thermal station.

The first step

The first step is to build a main dam of about 4,200 mt and then an addition one of 1,200 mt; a terminal for containers with a platform of 1,520 mt; a terminal for hydrocarbons; a terminal for carbon with a platform of 360 mt; a ro-ro terminal and a service dock. In one year, this station is going to work with 3 millions of containers, 25 millions of tons of hydrocarbons; 7 millions of tons of carbon; and 3 millions of any other material. Everything will be supported by industrial, logistic and service areas.

Perfect diaghragms with JET DSP 100 / D datalogger

Among all machines in field, there is a Casagrande B250 which is carrying out many diaphragms together with a JET DSP 100 / D datalogger. In this particular field, the use of the Italian datalogger is very important.

โ€œFirst of allโ€, Amedeo Valoroso, founder and CEO of DAT instruments, says, โ€œour datalogger is improving the work making it more precise and accurate in any part and letting realize panels with the correct inclination, deviation and depth. Second, using our datalogger our Customer is able to certify the results. Detailed reports created by our JET DSP 100 / D datalogger and drawn up by our new Easy DAT software, will certify accurately your work. Third is our after sale service which is often underestimated. We are able to repair and/or substitute all components of our instruments even years after it has been purchased. DAT instruments commitment is to give 100% technical support on our products so that our Customer can carry out his work without any problemโ€.

JET DSP 100 / D performance

On its wide backlit monitor, JET DSP 100 / D datalogger is able to show and record, on its internal memory, the following parameters:

  • Depth (with 1cm resolution)
  • X and Y axes inclination to the vertical (with 0,1ยฐ resolution)
  • Grab rotation, Z axes (1ยฐ resolution)
  • X and Y axes deviation to the vertical (1cm resolution)

Data are acquired via sensors installed on the equipment. The link of the inclination sensor to the datalogger can be carried out via cable or via radio. The JET DSP 100 / D is able to record the excavation data in function of depth. During the different strokes necessary to realize the diaphragm, the data of each one are displayed and the data of the latest stroke are recorded in order to analyse the excavation on PC, in office. This datalogger can be set via PC. In this way it is possible to set sensors, to set data acquisition parameters and to indicate full-scale values in the graphics.

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