After-sales reliability. Interview with DAT instruments

Article published on ‘Easy Engineering international’, March 2022

DAT instruments is an Italian company that specializes in the design and production of instruments and software used in special foundation jobs such as piling, jet grouting, CFA, diaphragm walls, drilling, grout injection, soil mixing and vibroflotation. DAT instruments offers a range of products, both standard and custom made, which can assist customers with multi-site operations, all over the world.

Easy Engineering: What do your customers look after when buying products or services?

DAT instruments: Customers look for prompt assistance. DAT instruments guarantees that every assistance request is processed within 1 working day, and often the same working day.

E.E: What are the main needs of the customers?

DAT instruments: There are several Customers requirements. Our Customer needs assistance to install the product. DAT instruments offers both ONLINE and ONSITE assistance. DAT ONLINE service is completely OnLine. Our technicians assist Customers to install the datalogger. On the other side, with DAT ONSITE service, our technicians go directly to Customersโ€™ building sites all over the World.

After installation, the Customer may need further training courses. DAT instruments offer both ONLINE and ONSITE training course.

Technical assistance is also available.

E.E: How important are the after-sales services?

DAT instruments: After sales service is definitely extremely important. This is a key point for DAT instruments. DAT instruments offers value to the Customers: products and services must be at maximum level.

DAT instruments, data logger, snow, jet grouting, drililng, CFA, D-Walls

E.E: What after-sales services do you offer?

DAT instruments: DAT instruments offers several kinds of after sales services:

  • DAT ONLINE service is completely OnLine. Our technicians assist Customers to install and use the datalogger. 
  • DAT ONSITE service: our technicians go directly to Customersโ€™ building sites all over the World.
  • DAT WORKSHOP the Customer can come to DAT instruments laboratories to make training courses, installations, etcโ€ฆ

The best seller service is DAT ONLINE, because it is cheaper and effective.

Other services are DAT CALIBRATION, to keep the instruments very accurate, and also software and products updates.

E.E: What kind of support do you offer your customers?

DAT instruments: Installation, training courses, repairs, upgrades, customization, calibrations, software subscriptions.

DAT instruments, DAT Online, Conference call, data logger installation during coronavirus

E.E: How do you promote your after-sales services?

DAT instruments: When DAT instruments sells the product, the Customer can choose the best after sale service. Of course, it is always possible to ask for further after sales services.

E.E: Tell us about the spare parts distribution (if any) or any other after-sale products.

DAT instruments: Spare parts are always available, for new and old products. We are able to sell spare parts also for products sold 20 years ago!

E.E: What impact has product innovation on your customers?

DAT instruments: DAT instruments datalogger are very innovative. Our new DAT WideLog and DAT TinyLog dataloggers are touch screen, color monitor, internet data transfer, etcโ€ฆ

However, more important is reliability. Products are meant for building sites. Services are meant for building sites.

DAT instruments, datalogger, products range, DAT TinyLog, DAT WideLog, jetgrouting, drilling, CFA, soil mixing, diaphragm walls

E.E: What solutions do you bring for these industries?

DAT instruments: DAT instruments delivers products for geotechnics and special foundation works. Our Customers build dams, tunnels, bridges, subways, canals, streets.

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