Water for Ankara

Article published on the website “www.gowem.it”, January 2017.

We are talking about a tunnel which is more than 30km long and deployed to supply (with a flow of more than 40 cubic meters per minute) the big reservoir of the Çamlıdere Dam, which will provide potable water to Ankara, the Turkish capital city. This project involves the Turkish company Kolin İnşaat under the supervision of the governmental authority State Hydraulic Works.

This work, of such fundamental importance, involves also the Italian technology; in fact, the DAT instruments company based in Cairate, has equipped with its datalogger JET SDP / IB the TBM employed in the excavation and in the realization of the tunnel. The instrumentation will be used to control the surveys: based on drilling parameters collected in real time, such as torque, feed force, rotation speed – all registered in terms of depth – the company is able to determine the composition of the soil and therefore to operate in full acknowledge of the situation, avoiding damages to the drilling machinery.

Moreover, with the JET SDP / IB it is possible to visualize directly on the datalogger LCD instantaneous and average recorded parameters in terms of depth, and to download them to a computer to archive, elaborate, export and print detailed reports. Among available parameters there are: drill depth, feed force, translation rod speed, boring rod rotation torque, boring rod rotation speed, drilling fluid pressure, date and time of drilling and duration of the work, soil relative energy.

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