The first 20 years of DAT instruments

2021 has been an important milestone: we were celebrating the first 20 years of DAT instruments!

Let’s look back together at some of the most important milestones of these years.

2021: 20 years of DAT instruments and the birth of DATman superhero 

DAT instruments datalogger, drilling rig operators, DAT instruments character, superhero in field, DATman, 20 years of DAT instruments

To celebrate 20 years of activity all over the world, DAT instruments has created the DATman superhero. DATman is DAT instruments superhero who is always working close to any drilling operator. Thanks to his abilities, to the possibility of controlling the drilling equipment and to his memory, the drilling rig operator will have an important help!

2020: new applications for DAT TinyLog, DAT WideLog and JET SDP / IB

2020 is the year of DAT TinyLog, DAT WideLog and JET SDP / IB evolution. In addition to applications for which it is possible to use these touchscreen data loggers (jet grouting, TAM grouting, drilling, DAC test, CFA, deep mixing, soil mixing, vibroflot, diaphragm walls, hydromills, Lugeon and Lefranc test), starting from 2020 it is possible to use DAT TinyLog and DAT WideLog even for grouting application.

According to the more compact JET SDP / IB, from 2020 it is possible to use it, as well as for drilling, for CFA, single fluid jetgrouting and vibroflot.

2019: DAT REMOTE SQL, DAT PreWire, DAT OnLine

DAT instruments, DAT Online, Conference call, data logger installation during coronavirus

A company should always look to the future and that is exactly what DAT instruments has always done. With this in mind, DAT instruments launched a number of additional services on the market, in 2019.

The DAT REMOTE SQL lets transfer the data on MySQL server. In this way they are available to the staff in the office in real time while the work is carried out on site.

The DAT PreWire service provides the possibility of receiving already pre-wired cables. In this way the installation of the data loggers is faster and easier.

Another innovative service is the DAT OnLine. Created back in 2012, demonstrating the cutting edge of DAT instruments services, 2019 sees its development at a widespread level.

With this service the customer will have a DAT instruments technician available to perform a guided remote installation. Together with the DAT PreWire, it makes the installation very easy. The DAT instruments technician follows the Customer step by step in the installation of the data logger and of the appropriate sensors. It is an optimal solution if you want to save the money of the technician’s travel or if you are momentarily unable to travel or receive people from abroad.

2019: DAT TinyLog

DAT TinyLog, datalogger, DAT instruments, jetgrouting, drilling, CFA, diaphragm walls

In 2019, DAT instruments introduced a new touchscreen data logger at the international industry exhibition BAUMA. More compact than the DAT WideLog, but with all the same functions, the name of this datalogger was chosen via a poll involving both visitors at the trade show and visitors on the various social platforms. Most people voted DAT TinyLog, so this is the name.

2018: online calculators

In 2018, the Italian company decides to help even more all the operators in these sectors by making available online geotechnical calculators.

They can be used for Lugeon test, jet grouting, GIN and permeability test.

You can find them in DAT instruments website and also on all social media pages.

2017: Easy DAT software

Easy DAT, Jetgrouting, Jet grouting (single fluid, double fluid, triple fluid), piling, certification, software

Following the updated market trend, DAT instruments has started a subscription service. In this way, it is possible to streamline the use of this software and to save money. It is possible to pay for a 12 months subscription, which is cheaper than buying the software. After 12 months, the Customer can choose if confirming another 12 months of subscription or if stopping it and paying for its subscription later when needed. Customer care is included in the software subscription, together with remote assistance. In addition to that, if the Customer does not want to install this software (very easy operation), it is possible to book a remote assistance meeting with DAT instruments technical staff, who will remotely install the software on Customer PC.

During the subscription period the software is always up to date. Updates, remote installation and remote assistance are free because they are included in the annual fee.

Subscription lasts 12 months.

Three levels of subscription are available:

  • BASE – Easy DAT
  • SILVER – Easy DAT
  • GOLD – Easy DAT

The Easy DAT software is used to elaborate data acquired during processing. A single software able to adapt to all data loggers of the DAT instruments range. Downloading, visualization, processing, organization and printing of data are all possible applications of the Easy DAT software.

2016: DAT WideLog and DAT REMOTE FTP

DAT instruments, DAT WideLog datalogger, sensors, geotechnical digitalization certification

The year 2016 marks the beginning of a new era for DAT instruments data loggers. It is, in fact, launched on the market the first touchscreen data logger, the DAT WideLog. This is an ultra resistant datalogger with a very large touchscreen monitor that lets display data as they are being performed. The touchscreen monitor is durable and can be used even by operators wearing gloves, which is very common on construction sites.

The DAT WideLog is at home on any job site. In fact, it can be used in all applications where normally more than one data logger would be required: jet grouting, drilling, DAC test, CFA, deep mixing, soil mixing, vibroflotation, Lugeon and Lefranc tests. Depending on the technology used, it will be sufficient to install the appropriate sensor set for your application.

2014: data processing for Lugeon tests

In this year, DAT instruments deepens the processing of Lugeon test data. In this perspective, it develops the Penetrability graph and the apparent Lugeon graph.

2013: the new JET SDP

DAT instruments, JET SDP IB, datalogger, soil mixing, deep soil mixing,digitalization, certification

The Research and Development department of DAT instruments is always in turmoil and looking for the right product for new market needs. From the investigations in the yard and talking with the operators of the sector, was realized the JET SDP. It is a compact and easy to use datalogger. There are two different versions: one with internal memory to record data (the JET SDP / IB) and another without memory (the JET SDP / J), which makes it a visualizer. Both models are available for drilling operations.

2012: DAT instruments on social network

DAT instruments is a young and dynamic company that likes to keep up with the times. For this reason, just in 2012, it decided to land on different social platforms. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google are the new channels to keep an eye on to stay up to date with the news of DAT instruments.

We are now at the halfway point of this 20 years of DAT instruments journey.

2011: the first 10 years and the new head quarter

DAT instruments, datalogger for Geotecnics and Special Foundations, Headquarters, 20 years of DAT instruments

Here comes a big company milestone: the first 10 years of business. For the occasion, DAT instruments moves its headquarters to a new location. It is a modern building with all the necessary spaces for the development of the activity. The new offices are in Cairate (VA), in Via Mestre 12, a few minutes from the international airport of Milan Malpensa. A strategic position also for Customers coming from abroad and who want to visit the headquarters of DAT instruments.

2009: Vibroflot and Lugeon test

DAT instruments, JET DSP 100 / IR, datalogger for Lugeon tests, Zimbabwe

The JET 4000 AME / I data logger sees the birth of a new application: Lugeon testing.

While for the JET 4000 AME / J it is time to find application on vibroflotation.

For Lugeon tests, not only the JET 4000 AME/I is used, but also the more compact but equally efficient JET DSP 100/IR.

2008: the year of CFA


Amedeo Valoroso and the Research and Development department of DAT instruments are always in turmoil and looking for something new. Here is that 2008 sees the realization of the application for CFA with the JET 4000 AME / J data logger. With the appropriate sensors, even the CFA processes are carried out with the strength, reliability and precision of DAT instruments data loggers.

2006: diaphragm walls

DAT instruments, Russia, JET DSP 100 D, dWalls, Moscow underground

The year 2006 marks an important milestone for DAT instruments production. The most compact datalogger JET DSP 100 / D is born. This data logger finds its application in diaphragm excavation.

Small, but precise and durable, it makes its way very quickly to various job sites around the world.



The specialization of DAT instruments products and the attention to customers needs who work daily on site lead to the study not only of new data loggers or new applications of data loggers, as happened with the soil mixing, but also the creation of special sensors. An example is the JET INCL XY. It is a sensor that measures and therefore controls the inclination of the mast. 2005 is the year of its launch on the Italian and world market.

2005: deep soilmixing

The ingenuity and creativity of Amedeo Valoroso does not stop and is not satisfied with the solutions that can offer its customers and adds, therefore, a new application to the JET 4000 AME / J data logger. So the DAT instruments data logger can easily coordinate and record all processes of soil mixing and deep soil mixing.

2003: JET 4000 AME evolution

DAT instruments, JET 4000 AME J, datalogger, soil mixing, deep soil mixing,digitalization, certification

After only a few years, in 2003, the JET 4000 AME already evolves and finds application in Jet Grouting works as well. The name of the product changes, in this case adding a / J to distinguish it from the one used for grouting and drilling.

2001: the year of the foundation and of the launch of JET 4000 AME / I

A young Amedeo Valoroso founded the company in 2001. The age does not correspond, however, to the experience gained in the sector. In fact, the founder of DAT instruments started working in special worksites when he was very young.

The first office has some offices in the industrial area of Tradate (VA).

This is where the classic DAT instruments data logger was born and evolved: the JET 4000 AME / I. The first applications focused on grouting and TAM grouting. A data logger easy to use, but with all the necessary functions. The materials used for its construction ensure a great resistance over time. In fact, even today, the first data loggers produced by DAT instruments are still in use in various construction sites.

See you for the next 20 years of DAT instruments!

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