Certificated soil mixing operations with DAT instruments

Article published on ‘GeoDrilling International’, June 2020

DAT-instruments-JET-4000-AME-J-MM-datalogger-drilling-rig-Spain, soil mixing works

How does a contractor deal with a request for soil mixing works documentation by a building site supervisor is the question being put forward by DAT instruments? Fortunately, all equipment used with DAT instruments data loggers can provide documentation about certificated soil mixing works that prove the correct execution of operations.

This is a situation that recently occurred on a project in Spain where the building site supervisor asked that all works carried out in field (a new warehouse building site) should have proper documentation in order to check the correct execution of the operations.

It was to meet this request that DAT instruments JET 4000 AME / J – MM data loggers have been installed on all of the customer’s equipment. This particular data logger from DAT instruments is suitable for any special foundation work, and in this case, for certificated soil mixing operations.

On this particular job site certificated soil mixing operations were necessary for soil consolidation and the data loggers have been installed on an Enteco E300 drilling rig and on two Tecop drilling rigs. By integrating JET 4000 AME / J – MM DAT instruments data loggers with the drill rigs for the certification of soil mixing operations, the customer has been able to determine different parameters; from drilling and injection depth, to pressure and flow, from which it is possible to check if cement output is blocked or not.

In addition to that, other parameters that are recorded and displayed include rod translation speed, rod rotation and torque, which let demonstrate the correct execution of the work. Volume counting is also available to display the total amount of injected litres and a total report at the end of the work, which can be given to the site supervisor.

In addition, recording working time is useful for a company to evaluate and improve productivity on construction sites.

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