MWD (measuring while drilling) for soil investigation even in phosphate quarries. (Saudi Arabia, 2016)

(Saudi Arabia, 2016)

DAT instruments, JET 4000 AME / J, datalogger for Jet grouting, Drilling, MWD, CFA, Deep mixing, Soil mixing, Vibroflotation

DAT instruments is performing in two different fields in Saudi Arabia at the same time. In these fields, MWD (measuring while drilling) and LWD (logging while drilling) of drilling parameters for soil investigations are needed.

Al Jalamid and Al Khabra are two quarries of phosphate where the company that is working this extracted material needs to use DAT instruments dataloggers installed on two different drilling rigs used in field.

Installed dataloggers are different. The first one, JET 4000 AME / J is installed on a Cubex QXR 920 drilling rig, the second one, JET SDP / IB is installed on a Reedrill SKF.

Both drilling machines are carrying out drills for the explosive charges setting which are crushing the material that is going to be removed and then worked.

MWD (measuring while drilling) and LWD (logging while drilling) purpose is to get, from soil investigations, accurate data in order to calculate the strongest points in these quarries and then determine exactly how many explosive charges are needed and their depth.

Using DAT instruments dataloggers it is possible to perform MWD (measuring while drilling) and LWD (logging while drilling), for soil investigations and to get all required drilling parameters. In this kind of quarry, these are important data in order to obtain two main advantages: first save explosive charges, second monitor drill execution time.

For the Cubex QXR 920, another advantage is the inclinometer installed together with the JET 4000 AME / J datalogger, which helps the operator in positioning the drilling rig and ensures the verticality of the drill in this phosphate quarry.

 Product specifications:

  • JET 4000 AME / J datalogger
  • JET SDP / IB datalogger
  • JET S 104 Software
  • JET INCL XY inclinometer
  • MD sensor kit (drilling)
  • Data transfer system with USB pendrive

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