Lugeon and Penetrability Test, quick online calculator

This is a simple online Lugeon and Penetrability Test calculator. A complete Lugeon Test calculator is also available.

This online tool is useful to calculate Lugeon and Penetrability values in permeability tests, given water pressure (in bar, MegaPascal or PSI), water flow rate (in liters per minute) and length of borehole test interval (in meters). The outputs are the Lugeon Value and the Penetrability Value.

Automatic Lugeon Tests recorder

Reference: Maurice Lugeon, Dams and Geology (1933)

The following table describes the conditions typically associated with different Lugeon values (Quiรฑones-Rozo, 2010):

Lugeon Value Classification Rock discontinuity condition
<1 Very low Very tight
1-5 Low Tight
5-15 Moderate Few partly open
15-50 Medium Some open
50-100 High Many open
>100 Very high Open closely spaced or voids


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