JET SDP / IB for Drilling, MWD

Datalogger for: Drilling, MWD

DAT instruments, JET SDP / IB, datalogger for Drilling, MWD

JET SDP / IB datalogger is a cheap and simple system to visualize and record parameters during drilling or MWD works.

DAT instruments, JET SDP / IB, drilling parameters screenDisplay, directly on datalogger LCD, of recorded instantaneous parameters in terms of depth.
Data downloading to PC in order to process, file, export and print exhaustive reports.
Measuring and recording of the following parameters (by appropriate sensors, both during drilling and withdrawal rod movement):

  • JET DEPTH, drill depth
  • JET FORCE, feed force
  • JET DEPTH, translation rod speed
  • JET TORQ, boring rod rotation torque
  • JET ROT, boring rod rotation speed

Recorded data are stored on a large internal memory.

Recorded data can be transferred to a Windows PC which has Easy DAT software installed. The software let you organize data, draw graphics and tables and print them. It is also available a function to export data.

DAT instruments, JET S 104, software for Drilling, MWD

Otherwise you can use EDAT service: files are sent from jobsite via e-mail to DAT instruments online support team.
Parameters are numerically and graphically laid out in customized PDF files and sent back via e-mail to jobsite.

DAT instruments, EDAT, data elaboration service