Drilling in the Taranto port (Italy, 2017)


DAT instruments, JET SDP / IB, datalogger for Drilling, MWD

Supply and installation of instruments in order to record drilling parameters in the Taranto port. Drilling machines of our Customer were operating in the former Yard-Belleni zone in the multifunctional port in Taranto where a post-war environmental drainage was carrying out. This drainage was connected to the presence of unexploded bombs and useful for the realization of diaphragm walls (dWalls) in order to stem pollution which in this zone is a huge problem.

Our Customer already had DAT sensors, so it was possible to adapt them to the new datalogger, without needing to substitute the entire equipment.

Product specifications:

  • JET SDP / IB Datalogger
  • Drilling sensor kit
  • Depth and rod rotation speed sensor, JET DEPTH
  • Rod rotation speed JET ROT
  • Rod rotation torque JET TORQUE and feed force JET FORCE
  • Air pressure sensor JET PRESS
  • Data transfer system with USB pendrive
  • Data management EasyDAT software

For any further information, please visit: http://www.datinstruments.com/en/drilling-mwd/

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