Diaphragm walls (dWalls) in the Nador port (Morocco, 2017)

Morocco, dWalls, 2017

DAT instruments, JET DSP 100 / D, datalogger for Diaphragm walls

Nador, Morocco. One of the most big port of the entire African continent is going to be built in this city. Among all machines working in field there is a Casagrande B250 driller which is building many diaphragm walls. On this machine, DAT instruments has installed its JET DSP 100 / D datalogger for diaphragms (dWalls). This datalogger for diaphragm walls is improving this job which now is more accurate and precise in all its parts and it allows to build panels with correct slope, deviation and depth. In addition to this, the DAT instruments datalogger let our Customer certificate the results and let deliver reports to its Client.

 Product specifications:

  • JET DSP 100 / D datalogger for diaphragm walls (dWalls)
  • JET WXYZ water proof wireless sensor, on the grab
  • JET DEPTH 2 depth sensor
  • Data transfer system with USB pendrive
  • EasyDAT data management software

Further information about the product: http://www.datinstruments.com/en/diaphragm-walls-hydromills/

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