DATman: what if the operator could be helped by a SuperHero?

Who is DATman?

A drilling rig operator life is never easy and people working in this sector can confirm it. What if a superhero could be ready to help him?

Hard days

Days, weeks, sometimes months living far from his family and home. Days working in muddy places from the beginning till the end. Easy and hard fields to manage. Nice or horrible weather conditions to face. Equipment easy or difficult to use.

These are only some of the problems that a drilling rig operator is facing during his job life.

It is clearly not easy at all! Being far from home, working in field covered with snow and mud or in the middle of desert places, carrying out a difficult and dangerous job. Only a drilling rig operator can describe his own daily sacrifices.

Working with the right staff could help. Days are at least marked by jokes, smiles, real laughter and goliardic jokes. At the end of the shift, a nice meal and a glass of wine or a cold beer partially repays the continuous efforts.

But a new SuperHero is coming to help: DATman!!!

DAT instruments, flying DATman, superhero, vibroflotation field, SCP

Who is DATman and what can he do?

DATman is DAT instruments SuperHero who is supporting every drilling rig operator in field. Thanks to his knowledge, to the possibility of controlling the drilling rig and to his memory, with DATman you can reduce efforts and difficulties!

DAT instruments datalogger, diaphragm walls, DATman character, DAT-man superhero

Supported by DAT instruments data loggers and the DATman SuperHero, the drill operator can get a lot of work done on site.

Jet grouting, grouting, TAM grouting, GIN, compensation grouting, drilling, MWD, LWD, CFA, deep mixing, soil mixing, DSM, vibroflotation, Sand Compaction Piles, diaphragm walls, hydromills, Lugeon tests, mineral investigation.

Helped by DATman and by DAT instruments dataloggers, the operator too becomes a SuperHero with superpowers! Indeed, he will be able to measure inclination, control the mast verticality, stop the equipment when set depth is reached. It will be like having an X-ray vision, looking through any kind of ground!

DAT instruments datalogger, drilling rig operators, DATman superhero, DATman character, X-rays

The correct execution is much easier and superpowers are really a lot: it is possible to check drill depth, feed force, translation rod speed. But not only, even boring rod rotation torque, boring rod rotation speed and mast inclination. In addition to this, the operator can check and control X and Y axes, cement/grout/concrete pressure and flow, water pressure and flow, air pressure. The operator, together with DATman and DAT instruments dataloggers, can check or measure rod rise step time and the injected column length. The operator is also able to add date and time of drilling/jetting and duration and can calculate soil relative energy.

DATman: here is the SuperHero next to the drilling rig operator!

DAT instruments datalogger, drilling rig operators, DAT instruments character, superhero in field, DATman

Now that you have the chance to have a Super Hero helping you, why saying no?

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