DAT: touch data

Article published on the website “www.gowem.it“.

It has a colour, full HD, extremely resistant and enormous touch screen area; it is really an innovative datalogger and it is the one that DAT instruments (an Italian company, in spite of the Anglophone business name) just launched on the market. It is called WideLog and the innovations are so many and so substantial; starting from the big touch screen monitor where, with a few and intuitive taps, you can collect plenty of operative and management parameters of the controlled machines. It has 18,5” monitor (just to make it clearer we are talking of a 41×23 cm little toy), it has a colour screen and can also be used wearing gloves.

The body and the structure in general of the new WideLog are extremely resistant, specifically designed to grant a long life in difficult applications on site; the datalogger is made of stainless steel and aluminium (for the back) and it also works without problems with brackish weather, extreme temperatures, sand or water: just like an Ipad on steroids!

The data transmission (the memory unit in the datalogger is really capacious) is very simple: you can use a normal drive USB or an internet connection. On the WideLog there are both the WiFi antenna and the Ethernet access.

The WideLog was developed to work in a wide spectrum of applications on site (it is enough to install the right kit of sensors), from jet grouting to cement injections, from bored piles to drilling works and DAC tests, from CFA to deep mixing and soil mixing, from vibroflotation to diaphragm walls, and from hydromills to Lugeon and Lefranc tests.

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