DAT instruments: a world of services

Article publeshed on ‘SCImag’, November 2018.

DAT instruments is always paying a lot of attention to Customer needs and many services have been developed in order to meet all kind of requests. These opportunities come along with all customization, as, according to different sensors, DAT instruments products can be used for jet grouting, cement injection, TAM grouting, drilling, DAC test, CFA, deep mixing, soil mixing, DSM, vibroflotation, diaphragm walls, hydromills, Lugeon and Lefranc tests.

For the Customer and with the Customer

DAT instruments, Amedeo Valoroso, datalogger, DAT OnLine

The first service has been the worldwide installation and after-sales service called DAT OnSite. “Thanks to this support all over the world”, says Amedeo Valoroso, CEO and founder of DAT instruments, “we can install our data loggers in field wherever it is and, at the same time, we carry out an ad hoc training to the staff working in this field”. However, not every field has same needs and same budget. For this reason, DAT instruments has developed two other services, innovative and (last but not least) cheaper. DAT WorkShop, says Valoroso, “is a service in our headquarters in the North of Italy. Using DAT WorkShop our Customer has at his disposal one of our technicians for a whole day. At the same time he has at his disposal demonstration instruments and software to be installed and used guided by the experience of one of our technician”. With this service, every operator can get all secrets about DAT instruments data loggers, see how they are thought and built, and check out the quality of installed components. Valoroso adds: “our attention to our Customer is complete with the innovative DAT OnLine. This is a training service via the Internet, in video conference or at the telephone. One of our technicians helps the Customer during installation and starting processes of the instrument, sending photos and detailed instruction of every component. A DAT instruments technician can install our Easy DAT software remotely, from our headquarter and make sure the training about using our software in the correct way. Using the DAT OnLine, every Customer can stay in his company saving money from travel expenses and working hours”.

DAT instruments, DAT Workshop. DAT OnLine

In details

Let now see in details how the new DAT OnLine works. This installation and how-to-use course for both the data logger and the software – available for all DAT instruments Customers in Italy and abroad, in Italian or in English – can be carried out in different ways: e-mail, phone, WhatsApp, Skype, Team Viewer. In addition to that, dates and hours are agreed following Customer needs. Any Customer can attend this course with one of high-qualified DAT instruments technician.

DAT instruments experience has demonstrated that, using remote assistance, it is possible to meet most of needs coming from field all over the world: from software assistance to equipment check. With the DAT OnLine service, customers have the possibility to be supported by DAT instruments technician even while checking sensors or electrical cables. If the company is using the new DAT WideLog it is also possible to have a remote assistance in order set it up.

If the Customer cannot do some tests, a DAT instruments technician is always at disposal, on demand, in order to go directly in field to carry out these tests and to show the process to the operator. For the International market, if there is the DAT instruments reseller, the dealer’s technician carries out the ‘on site’ process.



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