DAT instruments JET DSP 100 / H

Article published on ‘Macchine Edili’ Feb. 2015.
The new JET DSP 100 / H is composed of a set of rugged and waterproofed sensors that are installed on the hydromill.
The main role of the sensors is to send real-time data to the datalogger display and to allow the recording of the following parameters: Hydromill rotation, X and Y inclination and deviation during the excavation, depth; it also records mills rotation speed as well as the mud pump pressure and rotation speed.
The purpose of accessing extremely accurate real-time data is to monitor and ensure a correct excavation direction, correcting the maneuvers, when needed. In addition, the two mills rotation speed parameter allows the operator to adjust the inclination of the hydromill during the excavation, whereas the pump parameters are valuable to enhance mechanical efficiency and to extend the life cycle of the equipment. After all, mud pumps often cause gaps and operation problem that can compromise the entire jobsite, causing irreparable damage. In response to this challenge, the JET DSP 100 / H monitors mud pump pressure and rotation speed, which allows the operators to be more responsive and to look after the mud pump.
All DAT instruments dataloggers can transfer data onto PC, in order to enhance final digital and print-out reports, to retrieve previous working sessions data and also to share data across the team.

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