DAT instruments, BAUMA 2013

We launched a strong signal of worldwide recognition at the Bauma 2013.
We enjoyed meeting with hundreds of friends, customers and resellers from more than 70 countries.

It has been a wonderful experience dealing and providing our solutions for main international projects challenges!

We were very pleased to show our new product JET SDP / J, the cheap’n’easy solution for all drillers to display depth and inclination real time parameters, to help them optimize drilling rigs manoeuvres in jobsite in a very user friendly mode.

A big thanks to all our visitors!

DAT instruments, dataloggers for: Jet grouting – Grouting – Cement injection – TAM grouting – Drilling – MWD – CFA – Deep mixing – Soil mixing – Vibroflotation – Diaphragm walls – Lugeon test – Mineral investigation

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