Cheap, Simple and Cutting-Edge Solution: JET SDP / IB Data Logger for Drilling

JET SDP / IB Data Logger for Drilling has a monochrome screen that allows viewing numerical values on the display.
It stores data in its internal memory, easily downloadable via USB port.

The JET SDP / IB data logger allows you to display and record parameters during drilling work, during DAC tests, and during cement or concrete injections.

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Monochrome screen JET SDP / IB Data Logger

The JET SDP / IB data logger for Drilling allows a visualization of data directly on the data logger monitor. In addition, the JET SDP / IB data logger for Drilling shows instantaneous values according to depth.
With the JET SDP / IB data logger, data transfer takes place on a PC via a USB port, in a simple and intuitive way to store, process, export and print detailed reports.

DAT instruments, JET SDP / IB, drilling parameters screen

Measurements and Recordings of JET SDP / IB data logger

Thanks to state-of-the-art sensors, the JET SDP / IB data logger for drilling can measure and record the following data:

-Hole depth (JET DEPTH)
-Rod thrust force (JET FORCE)
-Shaft translation speed (JET DEPTH)
-Rod rotation torque (JET TORQ)
-Rod rotation speed (JET ROT)
-Fluid pressure drilling and injection (JET PRESS)
-Drilling and injection fluid flow (JET FLOW, also wireless)
-Start and end time of work, duration
-Calculation of soil relative energy

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Easy DAT : the JET SDP / IB data logger smart software

The internal memory, of generous dimensions, records data acquired by the JET SDP / IB data logger for Drilling.
During the various phases, it is possible to display on the data logger monitor depth values of the instantaneous pressures.

Data can then be transferred to a PC equipped with Easy DAT software. The software is responsible for organizing Data, in order to monitor all Graphs and Tables and finally to print them. An export function is also available.

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Discover now the wide range of DAT instruments Dataloggers

EDAT : the Service that converts data into PDF files of the JET SDP / IB data logger

Alternatively, you can use the EDAT service. Original files, downloaded to PEN DRIVE USB, are sent by the Customer to DAT instruments by e-mail to be printed in customized PDF files, which will be returned to the Customer by e-mail.

DAT instruments, EDAT, data elaboration service
Thanks to this DAT instruments data logger, the geomechanical characteristics of the ground can be deduced by measuring drilling parameters in real time. In particular, the diagraphy in function of depth highlights the shares of the various stratigraphic levels. Specifically, the JET SDP / IB allows the visualization, directly on the data logger monitor, of instantaneous values in function of depth and the data transfer to PC to store, process, export and print in detailed reports.

The shipyard in Taranto, Italy with the JET SDP / IB data logger

The drilling rigs operate in the former Yard-Belleli area within the multifunctional Port of Taranto where, under the direction of Astaldi SpA, a war ordnance clearance is being carried out, connected to the presence of unexploded bombs, and preparation for the creation of diaphragms to contain a heavily polluted area. The dredging of 15 m of backdrop and the realization of a new dock, that it will have to contain all the materials of turns out will follow these operations.

Our two tools are installed on a Casagrande C6 and an Atlas Copco Mustang called to make holes from 20-30 m deep where special plastic tubes will be laid. The first purpose of these drilling is to allow the insertion of georadar that should detect any weapons to be removed. Diagrams produced by JET SDP / IB data logger will also be used to define the feasibility of diaphragms and will affect the choice of technology to be adopted.

The data logger, specifically requested by the construction management, therefore offers the possibility to understand precisely the conformation of the layer to be treated. In this case it is fundamental, as it is a report of materials of which very little is known.

Discover now the wide range of DAT instruments Dataloggers

For those who want more

For this type of work, DAT instruments also offers the most sophisticated JET 4000 AME / J and the new DAT TinyLog and DAT widelog touch screen data loggers. It is possible to expand the functions of these latest data loggers adding jet grouting, soil mixing, CFA and vibroflottation.

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