CAPAC expo 2014, ATLAPA – Panama City

Panama CAPAC expo 2014 closed last week. The exhibition was hold 10th to 14th September at ATLAPA convention center, Panama City.

DAT instruments took part at the show at our Panama representative distributor stand, Wequips,  hall C, booth 598.

Capac Expo Hábitat trade show

Capac Expo Hábitat trade show hold at Cámara Panameña de la Construcción, counts more than 400 exhibitors. We received customers from Central and South America, including: Panama, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, El Salvador, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Venezuela.

We take the opportunity to thank all our visitors. A special thank you also to our reseller Wequips, for its involvement in such a successful event.

Among the products presented in the show, our visitors have paid major interest in the JET 4000 AME / J datalogger for Jet grouting and the JET DSP 100 / IR instrument for grouting injections and Lugeon tests.

The main topics covered during our conversations with contractors and construction companies were DAT instruments datalogger injection automation and recording data functionalities.

Through products and software presentation visitors were provided with in depth insights about operation benefits of DAT instruments dataloggers, being improved reactiveness on sites and more convergent communication between jobsites and project managers.

DAT instruments means high quality, less material wastage, time and money savings.

Panama City skyscrapers by night, by Amedeo Valoroso


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