DAT instruments: a world of services

Article publeshed on ‘SCImag’, November 2018. DAT instruments is always paying a lot of attention to Customer needs and many services have been developed in order to meet all kind of requests. These opportunities come along with all customization, as, according to different sensors, DAT instruments products can be used for jet grouting, cement injection, […]

GeoFluid 2018 and DAT instruments production

GeoFluid 2018 exhibition has just ended and it had been a very positive experience for DAT instruments. Many visitors had the chance to touch the Italian company data loggers and they could ask all possible questions to technical and commercial staff. The range of data loggers for jet grouting, drilling, dWalls, CFA, GIN, TAM grouting, […]

Amedeo Valoroso, WideLog, Made in Italy

How Made in Italy data loggers are created?

Article publeshed on ‘Perforare’, September 2018.   All DAT instruments products are completely thought, designed and realized in the headquarters in Cairate, Varese province, North of Italy. An almost craft industry which creates not only high quality products but even customized solutions that can be modified and repaired even after lots of years.   A […]

DAT instruments, Geofluid 2018, getting ready, pavilion 1, stand 167

GEOfluid 2018 Exhibition in Piacenza, Italy.

DAT instruments is pleased to invite our Customers to GeoFluid exhibition, stand 167, pavilion 1, 3 to 6 October. Opening time: From 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Entrance: free entrance reserved to drilling, foundation works and geotechnical industry operators by registration before the show starting date (before 3 […]

DAT instruments, Open Day 2018, DAT WideLog, Daniele

DAT instruments: training at the open day

Article publeshed on ‘Scimag News’, July 2018. https://www.scimag.news/2018/07/16/dat-instruments-lopen-day-formazione/ DAT instruments Open Day, which occurred on June 8th in its headquarters in Cairate, north of Italy, has underlined the latest creations of DAT instruments in the data loggers and software world for drilling, special foundations and geotechnical tests. This event let the Italian firm show how […]

DAT instruments, Open Day 2018, Facebook Live

Open Day June 2018

Great success for last week Open Day! Being Live on DAT instruments Facebook page has getting curious and interested many people giving the oppurtunity to participate even to those who could not be present in DAT instruments headquarters. Thank you to those who participated. Keep in contact soon for other news.

Systems for ageless equipment

Article published on ‘Macchine Edili News’ April, 2018. DAT instruments dataloggers make the difference. No matter which is the brand of the drilling equipment, of the pump, of the hydromill, of the crane. No matter its dimensions, the date of manufacturing and the technology used. With a competitive price, even the oldest equipment can obtain […]

GIN, grouting intensity number, online calculator

This is a GIN, grouting intensity number, online calculator. It is useful to evaluate if a grout injection is within GIN specifications. To use this calculator: – set the length of the treatment (expressed in meters) and the grout pressure unit of measurement; – set maximum injection parameters (grout pressure, grout volume in liters per […]

Lugeon and Penetrability Test, quick online calculator

This is a simple online Lugeon and Penetrability Test calculator. A complete Lugeon Test calculator is also available. This online tool is useful to calculate Lugeon and Penetrability values in permeability tests, given water pressure (in bar, MegaPascal or PSI), water flow rate (in liters per minute) and length of borehole test interval (in meters). […]

Lugeon test, complete online calculator

This is an online Lugeon Test calculator. It is useful to calculate Lugeon Value in permeability tests, given water pressure (in bar, MegaPascal or PSI), water volume (in liters), test duration (in minutes) and length of borehole test interval (in meters). The output is the maximum or average Lugeon Value. The Lugeon Value is defined […]